Additional services on demand

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Additional services on demand

Always looking for ways to personalize its relationship with the customer, Materna includes additional services in its pallet as a function of each customer’s specific circumstances and expectations.

Materna - Services

For example, Materna offers customized marketing and category management services, in addition to market analysis, product line segmentation and product positioning. Materna helps the customer define appropriate marketing and sales strategies, offering up ideas and looking for opportunities that will form the basis of future commercial success, including promotional batches, communication recommendations for packaging, merchandising, and others.

Once the products have become a commercial reality, Materna provides supply chain solutions corresponding to the customer's requirements, backed by its dedicated storage and shipping platform. This capability is supplemented with decentralized warehouses in France to shorten delivery times and gain flexibility in managing quantities for different points of sale. Materna is able to ship the products in refrigerated containers for export as needed.  All of these services are part and parcel of Materna’s full service culture.