Materna’s core values

Materna’s core values

Giving our all for baby

Materna likes to call itself a “100% baby company”. Producing food that will go into the nutrition of the new-born to the three-year-old requires an acute sense of responsibility for defenseless children. Materna carries this sense of responsibility unreservedly and with the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process for baby milks and prepared foods developed in its laboratories and produced in the company’s factories. Its meticulous attention at all times translates into complete peace of mind from baby’s first days and as he grows. Feeding baby well is Materna’s obsession.

Giving our all for innovation

For Materna, commercial success and industrial know-how are not enough by themselves, nor is simply using tried-and-true recipes. The company’s whole history reflects a very special frame of mind that might be described as “giving our all to make everything possible”. Baby deserves the best that Materna’s teams have to offer in professionalism and expertise. And for this reason, Materna constantly looks for emerging trends and relentlessly tests new nutritional concepts, both to improve performance and to protect children’s quality of life in their first experience with food and as they grow. Always staying a step ahead is Materna’s motto.

Giving our all for partnership

Materna is a strong and sustainable partner to the largest national brands and retailers today because of its philosophy of co-creation, a philosophy passionately pursued by the men and women of the company. At Materna, each customer is unique and the relationship with each is built on trust. Materna seeks to understand the customer’s challenges and to learn its culture while ensuring complete confidentiality as regards the competition. This ability to delve into the customer’s world allows it to identify and design novel, standard-setting solutions that are right for the customer’s specific issues. Bringing imagination and pushing back the limits as part of its full service to the customer: this is Materna’s ambition.