Manufacturing capabilities at the leading edge

Manufacturing capabilities at the leading edge

The manufacture of baby food products requires industrial facilities meeting the highest standards. Materna invests financially and in human terms in the continuous improvement of its production sites to combine technological performance with maximum food security. Its four production sites, each of different size and capacity, are capable of both high volume production and more limited production runs to test new concepts or new markets.

Materna operates exclusively in two segments: liquid (ready-to-feed) baby milks for the newborn all the way up to the 36-month-old, and prepared baby foods for the food diversification phase, from 4/6 months to 36 months. The company has manufacturing sites and supply chains specific to each of two categories:

Organic or conventional liquid (ready-to-feed) baby milks:
- The Lactinov site in Abbeville, France, manufactures and bottles growing up milks as well as milks together with cereals.
- The Babydrink site, also in Abbeville, is entirely devoted to producing and bottling stage 1 and 2 milks for newborns during their first months of life, but also growing up liquid milk.

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Organic or conventional prepared baby food:

- The Babynov site in Montigny-Lengrain, France, produces a range of prepared baby foods for children from the ages of 4-6 months on up to 36 months: fruit and/or vegetable purees and prepared meals. The products are available in rigid and flexible plastic packaging (sealed plastic jars, bowls and plates as well as pouches).
- The Vitanutrition site, France, manufactures various types of savoury and sweet recipes in glass jars and rigid packaging.
- The Bioferme site, France, is devoted to the production of fruit pouches.
- The Cookinov site, France, has the industrial equipment to manufacture Doypacks.
- Finally, The Yabon Verneuil site, France, is an expert to prepare and manufacture babyfood in flexible packagings (pouches and doypacks), for savoury and sweet recipes, including milk based desserts.

Our factories draw on a network of common suppliers selected according to strict technical and nutritional specifications. They are regularly audited to verify the consistent quality of the raw material.

Today, thanks to its recognized, leading-edge know-how in the global baby food sector, Materna’s factories are chosen as manufacturing partners by established industry players and large retailers looking for high quality baby food product lines. They have complete confidence in their working relationship with Materna's industrial entities.