An incubator of concepts and a source of ideas

An incubator of concepts and a source of ideas

From the first, Materna has sought to be an industrial player capable of creating, testing and validating innovative concepts that expand the possibilities of baby food a little more each time, in addition to guaranteeing the utmost safety and quality of the products it manufactures and ships to its customers. Materna’s Research & Development organization revolves entirely around a strong and fundamental principle: to be an incubator for trends and concepts.

In this, Materna’s teams are constantly gathering intelligence at the international level on emerging trends, technical evolutions in packaging, and innovations in terms of recipes and nutritional formulas for babies. This meticulous intelligence gathering is the subject of monthly project reviews with an in-house committee that discusses and compares the information collected.

Materna - R&D

Pinpointing the most promising concepts is the first step, and it is accompanied by very detailed economic forecasting and estimating to verify the relevance to consumers and the probability of commercial success. The regulatory aspects are also examined to determine the latest changes in the laws of the countries being watched. All of this information goes into coming up with innovative options backed by solid arguments for customers in search of new products.

It also gives Materna the opportunity to optimize its ability to introduce new products to the market. Compared with others who will take more time in development, Materna is capable of fast turnaround times, with times-to-market ranging from 6 to 12 months, depending on the complexity of the customer's project.

All of this forward-looking groundwork is laid independently of any bias in favor of a particular customer. Each project is dealt with on an equal footing and with complete confidentiality. Materna’s employees and suppliers must sign strict confidentiality clauses for that purpose.